Suokone Ltd is an engineering workshop specializing in the manufacture of peat machinery and crushers.

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  88610 VUOKATTI

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The success story of this Sotkamo-based enterprise began in 1971. A double-sided ditcher, invented by the
founder of the company, Reino Meriläinen, was the original inspiration behind the business. Unprejudiced
product development made Suokone into a pioneer in its field.

In the 1990s, a new success product rose alongside the traditional peat machinery, namely, the crusher.
This multi-function device opened up worldwide markets to Suokone. Today, Suokone machinery is in use in
all continents, and the company is regularly supplying its products to more than 20 countries. This nationally
acclaimed engineering workshop has won many invention and enterprise-related prizes.

Suokone products are known for their durability and efficiency. The machinery developed for the demanding
conditions of peat production and the short, but intensive production season and the skills acquired through
its development have also utilised in other sectors, such as soil preparation and road management.
Our products, designed and manufactured in Finland, have turned out to meet the customers’ needs all around
theworld, and Suokone as an enterprise is a reliable co-operation partner, whose high-quality products and
functional spare part service guarantee excellent customer satisfaction.