Quality and environmental policy of Suokone Oy

Our operations are based on understanding our customers’ current and future needs. Customer satisfaction is determined and measured by interaction with customers and by regular customer satisfaction studies. Any feedback received is utilised in the continuous development of operations. The reaching of the strategic goals set by management is supported by exact, measurable quality and environmental targets, and the targets are set and checked annually, the implemented results are followed and inspected annually, the personnel is motivated and the operations are developed in order to reach the targets. A professionally skilled and motivated personnel that is committed to the organization and its targets handles its duties in a responsible manner from the point of view of quality and environment. Everyone is in charge of the quality of their own work and for ensuring that a faulty product or performance cannot continue to the next work phase. The responsibility also concerns material suppliers.

The operations of the enterprise and the resources related to them are managed as processes. The recognition, understanding, management and continuous improvement of processes related to each other improve the efficiency of the organisation and help it to reach its targets applying decision-making based on facts. We aim at utilising supplier relations in order to maximise total added value.

The environmental protection measures of Suokone Oy are efficient, their costs are reasonable, and the measures are practically very functional. The use of materials is as efficient as possible in order to reduce waste and scrap. For production, we choose chemicals that load the environment as little as possible, we use energy efficiently and economically, and the amount of emissions and waste is minimized.

In all its operations, Suokone is committed to implementing this quality and environmental policy, following environmental laws and regulations, as well as other laws and official requirements.


ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004