”Crushing superiority all year round”

MERI CRUSHERS have turned out to be reliable and efficient work equipment in demanding professional clearing.
The rotor with wear-proof hard metal blades also enables working on mineral soil. The most typical uses include
clearing land for cultivation, building site milling, forest land preparation and clearing of electric power and gas
supply lines. The milling of stumps from different targets is done efficiently, as well as the clearing of sprout forest
below surface.

MERI CRUSHERS have a very large power range of 40 to 750 hp, and they can be used with agricultural tractors
or hydraulic basic machines, such as excavators.

Download MeriCrusher brochure 2Mb here.

The equipment suitable for road stabilisation can be found in the product group MERIROADEQ,
and those suitable for peat bogs in the group MERIPEATEQ.