SUOCCO crawler tractor

Suocco S 500 crawler tractor.

It is a great feeling when there is enough power and no need to overload the machine.
Stumps just require some growling, and that's it. The driver feels like having five players against three all the time. - Finnish superiority -

Visibility from the cabin is excellent, and the driver can see exactly what is being handled by the machine. Also, noise level in the cabin is really low. The driver can easily access the controls of the tools and the engine. Versatile, well-located monitors show the driver clearly how the work is getting done.

Suocco’s PTO gearbox has been cleverly complemented with a pressure-controlled POC disconnection/overload switch; when the sliding of the clutch exceeds a defined value, the PTO switches off. The same happens when the operating speed of the engine drops below a defined value.

Suocco has hydraulic crawler transmission, and when needed, a power of more than 400 kW can be directed to it, thus guaranteeing machine agility and sufficient crawler power even in demanding situations.

A unique double crawler solution enables stable movement and working on soft areas, and the double tracks can be easily removed, for example, for road transportation.