SUOCCO power tools

SUOCCO power tools for clearing.

Nearly all power tools designed for tractors and using mechanical power transmission (PTO) can be connected to Suocco. However, because of the high power, we have designed stronger power transmissions for the main machines used with Suocco: the dimensioning of preparation and other crushers and screw levellers is based on a power of 750 hp.
As ditchers, we use standard screw ditchers that can be connected to tractors.

Screw ditchers OJ-0.7K - OJ-1.0K - OJ-1.3K For ditching of peatlands.
Preparing millers MJK-480 DTX (cutting blades) For the preparation milling of peatlands
Screw leveller RT-600 T For the shaping of peatlands
MeriCrusher MJH-350 DTX (pin blades) For the milling of mineral soi