Functional and reliable machinery for all stages of peat production

Designed and manufactured in Finland, MeriPeat products have been refined over time according to customer wishes in order to offer them peat production machinery that is both durable and efficient. Special attention in the development of the machinery has been given to the harsh working conditions that are typical in the peat production industry, as well as the short but intensive period when the machines are expected to perform around the clock on almost every continent.


MeriPeat machines for bog peat production and clearing


Bog clearing

MeriPeat machines for peat production and bog clearing

MeriPeat bog clearing machinery - No. 1 in the industry Bog clearing and maintaining machinery is ideal for both clearing new peat production areas and reconditioning existing ones. The same machinery can also be used to clear new farm land on peat land.

MeriPeat products for bog clearing:

  • Preparing millers
  • Screw ditchers
  • Screw levellers
  • Profilers




Sod peat production

Efficient, powerful and reliable machinery for sod peat production

The sod peat production machines developed and manufactured by Suokone have become industry favourites around the world. The success of these products is based on their effectiveness, reliability and availability of spare parts. MERIPEAT peat machinery has been developed over decades on the basis of customer feedback and experiences. MERIPEAT sod peat machinery produces clean and high-quality sod peat.

MeriPeat machinery for sod peat production:

  • Sod peat machines
  • Turners
  • Windrowers
  • Sod peat loaders
  • Peat trailers




Milled peat production

Powerful machinery for milled peat production

Suokone has developed together with customers functional and powerful machinery for all stages of milled peat production, including millers, harrowers, ridgers, loaders and trailers. The design and quality of all our products is based on decades of experience with peat machinery: these machines are long-lasting and effectively produce high-quality peat – from one day to the next!

MeriPeat products for milled peat production:

  • Production millers
  • Spoon-type harrowers
  • Milled peat ridgers
  • V-type milled peat ridgers
  • Milled peat loaders
  • Peat trailers
  • Mechanical harvesters
  • Profilers



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