Road Maintenance - Construction - Stabilization and mixing

Tractor mounted Crushers - Reliable, Efficient and Cost Effective road equipment for professionals. Superior design and engineering enables MeriRoad crushers to work effectively above and below the ground level.

Typical, and ideal uses Crushing the ground before stabilizing, Preparing the subsoil for laying sett (car parks, roads, residential areas), Recycling of old cobbled and gravel roads, Stabilization of grounds down to 40 cm on all type of roads, with easily accessible materials like (cement, polimers, ash, dolomite, lime) Construction and maintenance of forest roads, communal roads, drives to agricultural areas. Crushing ice on roads and sidewalks to level the surface and improve traction.


MeriRoad road crushers for road maintenance



MeriRoad RC-4000 for versatile road maintenance work

Rotor diameter 400mm / 16"
Working depth 200mm / 8"
Power range 90-150hp

Used with small urban and farm tractors of different sizes, the MeriRoad RC-4000 is Versatile and Efficient. Road Crusher is ideal for summer and winter maintenance of gravel roads. Also suitable for crushing ice on roads and sidewalks to level the surface and improve traction. Maximum working depth of 8" (200mm).





MeriRoad RC65 Crushers for professionals

Rotor diameter 600mm / 24"
Working depth 300mm / 12"
Power range 130-400 hp

Designed for medium and large tractors up to 400hp, the MeriRoad RC65 series are ideal for heavy duty Road and Construction professionals. For work where Effectiveness and Durability are paramount. Maximum working depth of 12"(300mm).

RC90 road crusher road maintenance


MeriRoad RC90 Road Crusher for demanding professional use

Rotor diameter 850mm / 34"
Working depth 450mm / 18"
Power range 280-550hp

Designed for the most demanding of projects the MeriRoad RC90 sets new standards for the professional contractor. Ideal for high power tractors to 550hp, and working in conditions where Reliability, Durability, Capacity and Versatility are paramount, the MeriRoad RC90 is simply your first choice. 



Tractor mounted vibrating plate for efficient soil compacting

Working width 2550mm
Compacting depth 100-500mm
Compacting force 3 x 75 KN

Strong construction with three separated vibrating elements. Each element has it`s own closed hydraulic circuit (pump and motor), which guarantees uniform compacting force (75KN) and a depth of up to 50cm (20") from each element. The dynamic compaction force hits the ground perpendicularly, which produces the best possible compaction result.



MeriGrader MGR-360/420 for gravel road maintenance, profiling and leveling

Weight: 2700 kg
Grading plate width: 2,1 m
Levelling plate width: 2,5 - 4,2 m

The MeriGrader MGR is a simple and strong compact lift arm mounted grader suited for small to large operations. The MGR is well suited for annual maintenance and profiling of gravel roads when working with a MeriCrusher. Used for levelling and grading of gravel based roads and other areas, a unique grader blade equipped with conical carbide tools precedes the main levelling blades.

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